The top 5 Student blogs every student should be following

Whether you’ll be a fresher or third year at Uni this September, there are five amazing blogs that you need in your life.

From money-saving shopping tips and what to cook when you don’t know your way around a kitchen to mental health matters and motivational tools to help you smash your studies, here are five amazing blogs worth keeping an eye on this year.

The University Blog

More of a podcast collection than your standard blog, The University Blog is literally packed with amazing advice on everything from how to fight back against unwanted distractions when studying to two-year fast track degrees and supporting your student friends to achieve your academic goals.

This is an uplifting and upbeat blog that you can listen to on your way to lectures. There is also the option to sign up to an email newsletter so the latest additions to the website arrive directly to your inbox. It’s a great motivational tool if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by your current workload.  


The Healthy Hangover

Let’s face it; Uni isn’t all study and seminars – there’s an amazing social scene to be enjoyed too! The brainchild of Brighton student James Wragg, The Healthy Hangover has a fantastic selection of mouth-watering and money-saving recipes for the novice chef with a limited budget. We love the sound of the baked chilli feta and pita dish that can be cobbled together in just a few minutes and can impress even the fussiest of friends for the spare change that you can find knocking around in your jacket pocket. 

There are also some great tips on how to make big savings on your food shop, which is ideal if you’ll be staying in student accommodation and need to stick to a strict budget.

Healthy Hangover

The nine-grand student

Looking at the life and loves of a previous student who knows her food, the nine grand student presents a tempting array of super quick and simple recipes that feature plenty of inspiration using whatever you can find in your fridge.

A great resource if your student loan funds are ebbing away, this website is one you’ll want to avoid if you’re feeling a little peckish during a boring lecture, as it’s filled to the brim with photos of sweet treats and savoury delights that will have you drooling behind your textbook.

Its also a good place to start if you’re seeking somewhere to eat out for a special occasion, but just make sure that you get someone else to pay as a few of the venues are a little more expensive than the student union bar.

Student Minds

One of the most valuable and important student blogs you’ll find online, Student Minds is committed to talking about all things mental health. It’s no secret that Uni life can be stressful, so when times get tough, and you need a little reassurance, this well-maintained blog can give you some great tips on how to reach out to someone with your concerns about pretty much anything. It also offers tons of practical advice on how to manage workloads or deal with friendships during your time on campus.

The blog additionally shares real-life experiences from ex-students or those currently studying for degrees all over the UK with topics including how to improve self-confidence, cherishing your identity and why you should always make your mental wellbeing a top priority.

Definitely a blog worth bookmarking when times get tough and the assignments start to pile up!



The Student blogger

Last, but by no means least, we come to The Student Blogger. An online guide that’s helped thousands of students navigate Uni life over the years. This is an amazing collection of money-saving student tips, freebies, student essentials product reviews and even travel guides if you’re hoping to make the most of the summer break with a low-cost holiday somewhere sunny.

There’s also a great selection of useful guides for those heading off to university for the first time as well as plenty of regular competitions and exclusive discounts, but what we like most about this blog is that it offers some excellent advice for those living independently for the first time, making it a perfect resource for anyone going to stay in student accommodation during their studies.

Updated on almost a daily basis, it’s definitely a blog that any student should be subscribing to this year.


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