The 5 Best Places to Live in Leicester as a Student

Choosing where you’re going to live while you’re at University is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make during your time as a student. As you’ll be considering neighbourhoods and areas you might not be familiar with in your new home town, getting it right takes a bit of time and research.

There are lots of great places all over Leicester for students so it should come as no surprise to hear it’s one of the UK’s top University cities. If you’re looking for your next rental, here are the five best places to search for student lets…


  • Aylestone


This student-friendly suburb was once an independent village, but has been part of Leicester city since 1891. The area was first mentioned in the Domesday Book, providing a haven for history buffs. Many of the key features of Aylestone date from the medieval period, particularly the 13th century. The housing tends to be a mixture of Victorian (particularly around Aylestone Park) and more contemporary 20th century complexes.


St Andrew’s Church is a big draw for history buffs living locally, and those fond of walking will also love to stay here thanks to the plentiful scenery. Close to the River Soar, there’s lots of places to go fishing so it’s a great choice if you’re a fan of the outdoors and like to stay active. Aylestone Hall Gardens even has its own tennis courts if you’re looking for a place to practise. Aylestone is a great spot to enjoy a picnic in the summer months while there are lots of independent stores to pick up a few shopping essentials on Aylestone Road.


  • Clarendon Park


Situated in the south of Leicester, Clarendon Park is a distinctive and vibrant part of the city. The area is noted for its trendy vibe and fun, relaxed atmosphere, and welcomes a wide variety of different people including students, young professionals and families. Queens Road intersects the area and has a range of shops and amenities. Here you will find everything from vintage stores to allotments, a park perfect for grabbing some exercise in the great outdoors, and a range of independent cafes and specialist stores.

Clarendon Park

  • Bede Park


Bede Park is a great destination for students in Leicester. It’s a convenient choice if you’re studying at DeMontfort University and you’ll find a variety of accommodation options right on your doorstep – perfect for those who’d prefer a more luxurious take on the student experience.


The area is close to the River Soar and situated only a few minutes away from Leicester’s nightlife. Bede Park is a great option if you’re looking for a vibrant community and plenty of pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants – ideal for lazy days taking a break from studying! The area is also ideally situated for reaching the Grand Union Canal and Riverside Park, which includes a fantastic network of waterways, cycle paths and footpaths.


  • Westcotes

Another of the most popular destinations for those seeking student accommodation in Leicester, Westcotes is sometimes referred to as the ‘West End’ of Leicester, and offers a smaller, far less populous space to explore than some of the other additions on our list.


It remained rural until relatively recently, but underwent development during the 1870s. Despite the small size of Westcotes, it does have much to recommend it, including a number of impressive bars, restaurants and shopping destinations which have made it a top choice for student living and young professionals alike.

  • Highfields

Situated in the centre of Leicester, Highfields is a great location for students who want to be close to public transport and shopping. There is also a public library in Highfields which offers a quiet space for studying if your student accommodation becomes a bit too distracting.


There are still lots of Victorian-era town-houses dotted around Highfields, alongside a wide variety of other housing options available for student-friendly letting. Highfields encompasses Leicester railway station, and includes many student houses constructed specifically for those studying at the University of Leicester.


Key local amenities include a number of different churches, temples and local schools, as well as lots of restaurants, shops and banks, which help to make student living that much more convenient.

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