The 5 Best Meme Accounts on Instagram

Memes have quickly become an important part of life at University, helping to spread information and jokes among Uni campuses around the country. If you’re a student in the UK, there’s no escaping them – and a range of Instagram accounts have proven particularly popular. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at memes and introduce you to the Insta accounts you should be following to discover the latest and greatest University memes…

What is a meme?

A meme is usually defined as a viral photo with text which makes fun of some element of culture or modern life. Most memes are designed to make the viewer laugh, but they also help spread information in a relatable way, poking fun at everything from politics to film, TV and everyday relatable scenarios which many of us face. While a lot of memes prefer to keep it light, others don’t shy away from tackling more difficult topics and even stepping into areas of philosophy to create a more ‘high brow’ take on the meme format. Whether they’re obscure or pretty obvious, memes can spread like wildfire once they find their audience.


Why do memes matter at University?

Uni-based memes have been popular for years, largely because University is such a universal experience for many people throughout the UK. Sharing funny stories and images works in a few different ways, but most notably it’s a way of connecting and making each other laugh, and it also helps the viewer understand they’re not alone.

Sharing images which focus on the struggles of ‘adulting’ has become a fun way to signify the realities of the University experience. Not all memes which become popular with students focus directly on university life, however. Quite a few of them are instead centred around things which matter to a student audience, whether that’s youth culture, the latest music or a great night out.

There are lots of accounts online which share memes, but only a few have made it onto our list of the top five meme accounts on Instagram – read on to see if your favourite made the cut…

  • Jokezar

With 2.5m followers, Jokezar specialises in jokes, comedy and memes – providing fans with tons of entertainment to keep them happy while browsing through Instagram. The account is one of the smaller on this list, but it is also prolific in terms of the sheer volume of meme-related content.


  • Thearchbishop0fbanterbury

Billing itself as the ‘home of banter in the UK’, this account has gained a following of 1.6m people, and specialises in hilarious memes usually sourced from around the country. The memes focus on reposted social media updates which cover everything from celebrities to the latest film and TV and funny everyday situations.


  • Funnymemes

Described as a ‘meme dealer’, this account offers fun memes for every type of humour. Funnymemes focuses mainly on everyday life and quirky situations with humour, helping to create memes which people truly want to share. With 7.3m followers, the account is one of the largest on this list, showing its combination of cat videos, social media ‘fails’ and pop culture is clearly hitting the spot.


  • Madeinpoortaste

This account boasts 1 million followers, and regularly draws its memes from the online community, using the likes of funny Twitter posts and meme-worthy signs seen out and about to help keep the Madeinpoortaste audience laughing.

Based in the UK, the account is a big favourite with students who appreciate a good one-liner, and has a real community feel thanks to its relatable, crowdsourced-style content.


  • Ladbible

With 8 million followers, LadBible is a social media staple, creating viral videos and images which reach far beyond University topics, and instead stretch into parodying and exploring the funny side of life. If you have a Facebook account, chances are you’ll have come across LadBible content before – and if you haven’t, your friends certainly will have.

Many of the memes are UK-based, and LadBible provides information on everything from the latest foodie trends to top shows, technology and cultural events. It is content like this which has helped LadLible develop a devoted following not only on Instagram but on Facebook, and ensures plenty of ‘likes’ on each post.

The account is particularly handy for anyone eager to find out more about what’s happening in the world in a funny, approachable way.


Is your favourite meme account on this list? If not, let us know who we should be following.

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