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The future of Buy to Let

With new Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s proposal to raise the 40 per cent tax threshold to £80,000 set to benefit landlords, is the buy to let market a dead duck or is it set for a revival following new leadership promises?

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The top 5 Student blogs every student should be following

Whether you’ll be a fresher or third year at Uni this September, there are five amazing blogs that you need in your life.

From money-saving shopping tips and what to cook when you don't know your way around a kitchen to mental health matters and motivational tools to help you smash your studies, here are five amazing blogs worth keeping an eye on this year.

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The 5 best places to Live in Manchester as a student

Studying at MMU or The University of Manchester, but don’t want to live in halls? There is plenty of fantastic quality student accommodation available in the city centre and beyond, so if you’re not sure which spots have the best student vibe or just want to be close to the action, then here are our five best places to live in Manchester as a student.

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10 Tips for First Year Students

Starting your first year of university is an exciting time, with new adventures on the horizon and the chance to learn more about a subject you love, new people to meet and new places to explore. As well as being lots of fun, it can also be a stressful time – and often the first time you’ll move away from home and live as an independent adult with real world responsibilities. If you’re about to start your first year at uni, read on for our 10 top tips to survive and thrive  as the new semester kicks off…

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The 5 Best Places to Live in Leicester as a Student

Choosing where you're going to live while you're at University is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make during your time as a student. As you’ll be considering neighbourhoods and areas you might not be familiar with in your new home town, getting it right takes a bit of time and research.

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The 5 Best Meme Accounts on Instagram

Memes have quickly become an important part of life at University, helping to spread information and jokes among Uni campuses around the country. If you're a student in the UK, there's no escaping them – and a range of Instagram accounts have proven particularly popular. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at memes and introduce you to the Insta accounts you should be following to discover the latest and greatest University memes...

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Co-Living and the importance of interior design

There’s no doubt about it, co-living in areas such as Manchester, Sheffield and Leicester is gaining in popularity. More and more student landlords are tapping into the wealth of tenants seeking good quality student accommodation in these bustling university cities with new offerings popping up in their droves around the country.

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Five best places to take Mum and Dad in Manchester

If you're studying at university in Manchester and want to show the folks around during a rare break from your studies, you'll want to take them to some of the more parent-friendly attractions that the city has to offer.

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What should you do after your exams?

If you've been busy cramming as much revision you possibly can in to ace those upcoming exams, you'll definitely be looking forward to your finals so that you can finally  let your hair down and start to enjoy all of those things you've been missing out on over the past few weeks.

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The 5 best bars every student in Leicester must hit

Leicester is well known for its vibrant party scene, but if you’re new to the area and starting your studies at De Montford University or the University of Leicester, you’ll want to get a few recommendations on the best nightlife in the local vicinity.

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