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Student Property Management Sheffield [5 tips for summer]

Summer is here and for many landlords in Sheffield, our student properties may be sitting empty until September! With Fallowfield and Rusholme house prices on the up, we’re looking at how can you keep your property ahead of the trend this summer!

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4 Student Property Management Tips [Do these this summer]


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Manchester & Salford Election Update [HMO property management service]

Politics overview

As the No.1 HMO Property Management Service in Manchester and Salford, we were watching the election unravel with a keen eye as we tried to establish what it could mean for landlords in the student and young professional rental markets. Manchester Central saw a massive 77.4% vote for Labour which should come as no shock. However, of more interest was the result coming out of the Salford & Eccles election that echoed the nationwide story. Rebecca Long-Bailey retained her Labour seat with an increased majority of +16.1% whilst Jason Sugarman made +4.9% on the previous election for the Conservatives. On the other hand, Ukip saw its electorate return to their traditional red and blue allegiances. Across the UK this was very much the same story, with the Tory momentum of recent years gaining +5.5% of the popular vote but failing to win crucial swing constituencies.

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Leicester Student Landlord Update [JUNE 2017 General Election]

WHAT DOES thre general election mean for the student landlord market in leicester? 

On Friday the 9th, as the UK woke up to their alarm clocks, property investors will have woken up with as much alarm to the news of a hung parliament. Theresa May’s snap election to secure more seats backfired dramatically with Labour gains and Ukip voters returning in significant number to the red. With the Brexit fallout still very much in the mix, an immediate drop in Sterling and a minority Tory government forming, it could spell uncertain times for the property market.


Indeed, this could spell an opportunity to some foreign investors willing to take a gamble on the Sterling slump currently trading at 1.27 US Dollars in the midst of a weak minority government as it did shortly following Trump’s election and the EU referendum. However, it is worth pointing out that in both cases, the Sterling recovered and this current dip returns us to pre-Election levels, having seen an increase throughout the General Election; clearly, the markets envisioned a ‘strong and stable’ Conservative mandate.


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Sheffield Student Landlord update [JUNE 2017 General Election]

Clegg out and market uncertainty

This week, we’re taking a look at the General Election and what it means for Sheffield's student landlords and the local property market. Should we be worried?

The announcement of the hung parliament last Friday has caused something of a snow globe effect on the markets. Sterling immediately dropped to trade at $1.27 which may encourage the more audacious of foreign property investment. It might also have a knock-on effect on mortgage rates, particularly worrying for the hesitant first-time developer, looking at becoming a landlord. But it doesn’t necessarily spell a housing crisis and deflation. It’s worth remembering that Sterling recovered despite falls following the Brexit referendum and the U.S. presidential election. In any case, in the lead up to the election, Sterling was slowly rising as investors hedged their bets on a Tory increased majority, and this latest fall reverts Sterling to its former pre-election value after what was an unexpected result.

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Inventories & Inspections? [student property and landlord help]

We’re heading to the end of June and most student HMO tenancies are coming to an end. A lot of landlords will be experiencing that horrifying realisation that their investment isn’t looking quite like it did before and some will be struggling to retain deposits to remedy any damages. Now is the time to prevent any further stress and ensure this doesn’t happen to you! 


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Better tenants? [Expert HMO property management tips for 2017]

Ensuring you recruit the right type of tenant is one of the most important parts of the lettings process. A ‘rogue tenant’ can push landlords and letting agents into a desperate situation. Whilst there are laws out there to help protect landlords, legal proceedings can be uneconomical, inefficient and very expensive. So here's my advice on how to make sure you never end up in that position...

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HMO Design Ideas: Jen's 5 tips to stand out from the HMO crowd in 2017

A young-professional’s lifestyle today is vastly different to that of past generations and the stereotypical hysteria of ‘student life’ has changed from what it used to be. The standards of shared accommodation and HMOs for young people are rising; properties are becoming more creative and interesting and students are surprisingly more sober!

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The quick guide to better HMO management in 2017!

As a HMO landlord, you'll no doubt be familiar with the good and the bad of managing properties tenanted by students or young professionals.  With more and more competiton from the new kids on the block (aka the purpose built accomodation blocks), effective HMO management has never been more important. You need to make sure your HMO is being managed as effeciently and effectively as possible, so here are a few tips for 2017 to make sure you're property stands out!  

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