6 of the most influential property accounts on instagram

Any student accommodation owner, manager, or investor that knows their stuff will recognise the power of social media when it comes to spotlighting their student accommodation. If you want to keep you HMO at full capacity sand maintain a healthy stream of reliable student tenants, then take some inspiration from these accounts! 

The best student landlords keep their fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in the interior décor world in order to give their student accommodation a wow factor to win over would-be tenants and make the process of letting the space easy year after year.

However, we also understand that as much as you might want to create a totally on-trend space to help push up your rental charges and ensure hot demand for your student pad, you may well be too busy keeping an eye on your HMO property portfolio to be thinking about colour palettes and trending bathroom tiles for 2019.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most influential property accounts on Instagram to give you easily scrollable interior design inspiration, guaranteed to help your student accommodation stand out from other offerings on the market.

Here are six of our favourites to get you started:

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Many HMOs and student accommodations have period features that perhaps haven’t been as well maintained as they should have been, but at Renovating No 66, the owners have used these focal points to create a modern twist on the Victorian property.

Although many of the fixtures and fittings are a little too upmarket for a student accommodation or HMO property project, it does give some great inspiration on how to utilise the age of the building to your advantage. Click here to check out Renovating.no.66’s Instagram page.

Renovating NO 66


This Instagram account has become hugely popular thanks to its honest representation of what it really takes to being a house built in 1920 up to date. Instead of just showcasing the sleek and modernised end product, it journals the progress from start to finish and gives real-life insight on property renovations, so student landlords get a better idea of exactly what they’re letting themselves in for when they chose a 1920’s house to convert into a HMO property. Click here to check out That 1920’s house insta account!


A must if you’re looking to add a touch of the upcycled trend to your student accommodation, Life at Eighty-Six showcases how two thrifty owners can transform pieces of furniture that you’d expect to see in any good quality student accommodation into real features that give your property that on-trend edge when attracting student tenants. Click here to check out life at eighty-six’s Instagram account!

 life at eighty-six


Using pops of colour in your HMO or student accommodation is a cost-effective and easy way to bring living spaces and bedrooms to life. Steering well clear of all magnolia walls in favour of a bold pop of colour here and there can add an element of style at a budget-friendly price, and this Instagram account gives some great ideas to create powerful colour clashes in any room of your HMO.

It also shows the entire renovation process in all of its messy glory, so you know exactly what to expect if you take on the challenge of upgrading your student accommodation. Click here to check out come down to the woods’s Insta account!

 Come down to the woods


For student accommodation with an ethical edge, then this Instagram account from Suszi Saunders is a must. Featuring her property in London, Suszi’s aim is to create a space that’s completely cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, something that would appeal to ethically minded and environmentally conscious student tenants. 

Featuring bold wallpaper prints instead of painted feature walls and exposed copper piping, Suszie shows how to create an environmentally friendly space with a few key touches that are certain to appeal to the student accommodation market. Click here to check out Suszi’s Instagram account!


Suszi Saunders


If you’re looking for a few high-end details for your student accommodation, then the couple that own this 1940’s piggery may well be your new gurus. They have created stylish interiors by using different shaped tiles, textured wallpapers and sympathetic décor to compliment the features of the property.

Great if you’re looking to provide student accommodation with a premium price tag as with a little thought and research, it’s entirely possible to get a similar look for a fraction of the price when updating your student lets. Don’t be afraid of thinking outside of the box and offering something a little different if you want to attract slightly more affluent students to your property. Click here to check out The Old Piggery’s Insta account!

The old Piggery


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